Fuchs + Sanders Schrauben-Großhandels GmbH + Co. KG is a traditional company that was founded in 1932 and has successfully faced the challenges of international competition for decades. Steady change, company growth, increasing customer requirements and the diversity of the task settings require each employee to see his or her activity in an overall context. Our corporate Philosophy is to serve as an orientation for our entrepreneurial act and cooperation. It defines goals and values where we measure ourselves and describes the self-image and culture of our company.


At the center of our do and act are our customers which we offer unique benefits with our service.

Our slogan »Fuchs + Sanders – …fastest connections!« describes our aspiration to cooperate with our customers on all levels


The quality of our employees is the base for our success. They make their contribution to the overall performance of our company motivate and reliable. They take responsibility, shape the company with their commitment and represent Fuchs + Sanders loyally both internally and externally.


Cooperative leadership is the base for our cooperation. Our most important management tools are Objective agreement, control of success and appraisal interview. Our executives are role models, think entrepreneurially and act cost-effectively and responsibly. They perceive their social responsibility.


The driving force in our company is profitable growth to secure existing and create new jobs. Our biggest asset are satisfied customers.


In a competitive comparison we let measure ourselves by our performance. Our strategic strengths are our customer proximity, the cross-industry range, flexibility and swiftness which we are continuing to expand.